Unique situation in theater DeLaMar

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In theater DeLaMar in Amsterdam from 11 to 22 July a unique situation. In this period, in two rooms with two different musical productions in which some of the same songs.

Simone Kleinsma

In The big three are the theatericonen Adèle Bloemendaal, Jasperina de Jong, and Conny Stuart in the limelight. Actress Frederique Sluyterman van Loo played the role of Stuart, who in several musicals by Annie M. G. Schmidt played. She sings the songs It is about and Rubbish.

These songs are also heard in the other room, where the representation Was Signed Annie M. G. Schmidt, about the life of one of the most famous authors of the twentieth century. The title role in this performance is played by Simone Kleinsma.

A salient detail is that both musicals this year were awarded with the Musical Award for best production of the season. The Big Three received the award for the best kleinezaalproductie; Was Signed Annie M. G. Schmidt won the award for best big musical.

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