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Topvrouw on Radio 1 ‘is not discrimination’

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All summer long invites the Radio 1 programme The morning between eight and nine hours a topvrouw’ as summer guest.

That section, which managing director Raymonda Verdyck of community education, the striker bite, eliciting a few critical comments, from men who wonder if women may benefit from this kind of positive discrimination.

According to spokesman Hans Van Goethem is the section on the Radio 1 ‘rather a positive choice than a form of discrimination’: ‘In the rest of the program and in other programs come men and women equivalent to bid. This is a section with women from very diverse angles. During the year we also do a lot of effort to female experts and scientists, to the word, but that is just a matter of equality.’

On Twitter responded presenter Dennis van den Buijs of The morning also on the criticism, which according to him, it either hits Something with nails and low water. I just want to re-count. This morning 6 men to guest in #deochtend. Between 8h15 till 8: 45 a woman a half hour to central. Et alors? So far from “only women”’.

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