The Incredibles 2 big hit in Dutch bios

The second part in the series, The Incredibles is a big hit in the Dutch cinemas. The digital animation studio Pixar is already a week and a half at the top of the list with most visited bioscooptitels.

Master animator Fran Kalal poses with the main characters from Incredibles 2

In total attracted Incredibles 2 already almost 200,000 visitors, is evident from the figures of the Dutch theaters. The animated film about a family of superheroes let in the visitors list this week is the fifth Jurassic Park movie, and the female misdaadkomedie Ocean’s Eight. The historical epic Redbad from director Roel Reiné with more than 13,000 visitors in fifth place.

The Incredibles (2004) was one of the big hits of studio Pixar, who also films as Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille. In the sequel is mother Helen, better known under her ’supernaam’ ElastiGirl – suddenly in the spotlight, while father Bob for the new baby Jack-Jack.

In America, the film is an incredible opening weekend behind the back. He spent this weekend $ 180 million, a record for an animated film. The previous record was in hands of Finding Dory, a film of Disney Pixar.

In the Dutch version of the voices recorded by Paul Haenen, Isa Hoes, Peter Paul Muller and Eva Kolsteren.

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