Samantha de Jong ready with ’old crazy Barbie

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Samantha de Jong, better known as Barbie, picks up slowly again what activities and is now to be seen in a video clip of her friend Jeffrey Lake.

Barbie, Samantha de Jong

She plays the lead role, reports RTL. “Yes, if I want to start, it must be good, eh” said Barbie, unrecognizable in the make-up. She tells the transmitter that the weather is better, after all the misery which they have since the beginning of this year went through. “I have half a year of rest. A new house, a new life. Not all that pink. That is the old Barbie hey, the crazy Barbie. The Barbie of this should be coming back again.”

Also let them know ’very happy’ now that she was herself for her children should ensure. They are still regular with her mother, but She builds it back up slowly.

Together with Jeffrey, ” We are Barbie and Ken’- she finds her way back. How their relationship is to describe? “We have fun together, we’ll see where the ship runs aground,” he says. And Barbie: “I have had a difficult time, it’s not all been fun. He is now a small glimmer of hope.”

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