Paul McCartney joins in European copyright debate

d711bcd3764317e95b55588e7baa94c2 - Paul McCartney joins in European copyright debate

A day before the vote in the European Parliament has also poplegende Paul McCartney weighed in on the debate about copyright in digital times. “We want an internet that everyone has fair and sustainable”, argues the 76-year-old figurehead of The Beatles in a letter to the Mep’s for a better compensation for musicians.

Tomorrow’s vote the European Parliament in Strasbourg about a reform of the copyright law. The result would be that platforms like YouTube and Facebook artists and other copyright holders have to pay for the music and videos that users put online. The platforms do not have a license, then they must be using a filter the material to remove.

“Music and culture are important. They are our heart and soul. But they just do not fall out of the sky: music and culture require a hard work of many people”, writes McCartney at the Mep. He points out that the online platforms make a lot of profit with the work of artists, but they hardly compensate for their creative efforts. That situation threatens “the music ecosystem”, warns of ‘Macca’. “The future of music in Europe lies in your hands,” he concludes.

McCartney is the latest in a long line of musicians and artists who call for a licensing system on digital platforms. Opponents of the reform argue that the free internet is in danger is likely to come. Tomorrow will pass the European Parliament’s opinion. It is, however, not yet to a final vote. Meps explain their position for the negotiations with the member states.

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