Oldest son of Tina Turner, robs himself of life

e1e72c66086072b419289ef45070c35c - Oldest son of Tina Turner, robs himself of life

Craig, the 59-year-old son of Tina Turner, has gisterennamiddag of life deprived. That message the American entertainmentsite TMZ.

According to the spokesman of the hospital in Los Angeles is the body of Craig Turner stillborn found in his home in Studio City, California. According to the first messages would be a kogelwonde the cause of his death.

The Swiss-American singer Tina Turner, born Anna Mae Bullock, was barely 18 years young when mum was of Craig. The saxophonist Raymond Hill was the father. Ike Turner, in the meantime, the ex of Tina, adopted the boy in 1962. Craig later became a name in the California real estate market as a broker.

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