“Morgan Freeman is just a big flirt

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An American actress, Morgan Freeman defended, after eight women him in an article of CNN accused of sexual harassment.

Morgan Freeman was stunned by the allegations

Suzanne Somers (71) responded Wednesday in Fox News’ program The Ingraham Angle on the #MeToo movement. They made a distinction between the abuse by a Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby, and the behavior of Morgan Freeman. “He’s just a big flirt. I know him very well. He sees you and he thinks you dress nice and he complimented you with your hair. He appreciates many things.”

Suzanne Somers supports Morgan Freeman

She realizes that in her opinion its not very popular, but hopes that the flirting will continue. “I commend the #MeToobeweging. But I hope ’the dance’ don’t stop. It is temptation, it is flirting. All those things are fun.”

Morgan (81) provided in the first instance, his apologies after the allegations that CNN at the end of may of this year. “Everyone who knows me or with me has worked know that I was not intentionally someone would insult or deliberately uncomfortable it would feel. I offer my apologies to anyone who is uncomfortable or not respected felt. That was never my intention.” In a second statement said he was baffled by the accusations that ’eighty years of my life in an instant threaten to undermine’. He denied then the accusations, and demanded later rectification.

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Morgan Freeman accused of sexual harassment

See also:

Morgan Freeman baffled by the accusation

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