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“Max Verstappen could race for the title”

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Red Bull-talentenjager Helmut Marko late in an interview with ‘Motorsport’ know that Max Verstappen, the past weekend has shown that he is a real champion.

Marko has nothing but praise for the way in which his Dutch poulain during the race in Austria was in control from beginning to end. The result was not wrong and Verstappen took to the Red Bull’s first victory on their own circuit..

“He has all those critics, who to him in the beginning of the season on the grain names, show them that they were wrong,” says Marko. “During the whole race, he had his ties save up and halfway his motor pulled for security reasons.”

“However, he managed to still have enough speed to find were times behind itself. It was not until three or four laps from the end, when the gap for about three seconds, amounted to, we have the motor back completely open.”

“He did it flawlessly, he had it all under control and has never gepanikeerd. In that sense, it was like Barcelona 2016.”

Incidents and accidents
This season was Verstappen already several times involved in all kinds of incidents that are not his fault. The criticism rose to but since Canada has the young Dutchman a beautiful series of put down with three consecutive stages.

“He has grown up,” said the Austrian. “He has made himself severely punished as he would for the championship to the fight. Sometimes he had the luck not on his side, there were but two silly incidents, and that was Monaco, and the collision with Vettel in China.”

“But if you at the age of twenty as a race can finish then it shows that he kampioenschapsmateriaal. He has now three good races behind the back, all three of them were incredible.”

Finally profit on thuiscircuit
Marko also emphasizes how important it is for Red Bull for the first time to win on their own circuit.

“We are more than happy. Since 2014 when the Red Bull Ring back on the calendar, there is each time a Mercedes won. This is our first win here and we have Mercedes defeated.”

“There is also the incredible performance of Max and we are so happy for all the Dutch fans. All in all, this was a positive weekend, with the only blemish the technical problems on the car of Ricciardo.”

About the titelkansen of Red Bull wants to Marko the next lost: “We have a slight chance and we want to make it work. Everything sitting very close to each other,” concluded the Austrian.

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