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“Largest mobile screen in the world’ in Antwerp for the quarter-final Red Devils

There is a second giant screen at the Hyundai Fan Village on the scheldt quays in Antwerp. That confirms Johan Vermant, the spokesperson of the mayor, Bart De Wever. The second screen is the largest mobile screen in the world, according to the organization.

The current site on the quays is expanded from 10,000 square feet to 18,000 square feet. That means that Friday, not 10.000 but 20.000 supporters the match against Brazil can go and have a look. There will also be an additional entrance with emergency exits, four new bars, more first aid posts and security.

The second, additional screen with a 144 square metres large, with a picture quality of almost 4K. ‘This is the new screen not only twice as large as the current one, but it’s also the largest mobile screen in the world’, according to the organization.

The expansion of the fandorp start at the height of the Curve-Elleboogstraat and runs through past the Sint-Michielsstraat.


“This has an impact on the available parking spaces’, alerts the Local Police of Antwerp. “The current car park will be in two phases to be flushed. The strips on either side of the field in the night between Wednesday and Thursday between 22h and 5h be cleared. The parking lot is accessible once again made on Saturday at 10am. Come no surprises, and move your car on time!’

It comes to sixty bewonersplaatsen and 350 public places.

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