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KRC Genk is Premier essentially a cove which explodes with hybrid turf

f4fa76bf2c2934575b4b26819351dcd8 - KRC Genk is Premier essentially a cove which explodes with hybrid turf

This week the work in the Luminus Arena started for a new hybrid turf. The GrassMaster-mat is laid by 20 million artificial fibres in the existing natural turf to inject. KRC Genk are the only Belgian club with such a hybrid mat.

KRC Genk laid in march, a new natural grass turf in the run-up to the play-off 1. Tarkett Sports strengthens that mat by 18 cm deep and 2 cm-high-performance polypropylene fibres in the soil to inject. The natuurgraswortels will be located on the man-made fibres attach, as a result, a reinforced mat, in all weather conditions, very playable. In addition, the kunstgraszone around the field refreshed and even completely coloured in blue, with the logo of the club in white.

The total investment of around 500,000 euros put the Limburg club on sustainability and quality. So is the turf easier to maintain – after each season is re-seeded and has the mat a longer life. “In the coming years, we can all season long – even in play-off 1 – on a good turf to play,” says stadiondirecteur Kobe Schepers. “We choose with GrassMaster for a system with a lot of experience.”

KRC Genk is the only club with such a hybrid mat in the Jupiler Pro League. In the English Premier League, playing fifteen of the twenty clubs on the GrassMaster, but the hybrid mats are used worldwide. So also play the Red Devils on Friday against Brazil in Kazan on a GrassMaster-mat. “We have experience since 1989, with hybrid fields. We develop and produce the artificial grass fibres itself”, says Yves De Cocker of GrassMaster. “We are pleased with this start up in Belgium with KRC Genk. We have felt that it is an innovative club.”

The groenteam of KRC Genk gets guidance and training from GrassMaster Pitch Consultants, with more Than Duffy. The former ‘groundsmaster’ of Swansea City was three times Premier League Groundsman of the Year’ is declared. The work on the turf will be for about twelve days, after which the first match on the new mat on Saturday 21 July against Olympiacos will be played.

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