Justice is investigating alleged tax fraud by Afrojack

256f68c9441223b2dfd3f479b923cb8c - Justice is investigating alleged tax fraud by Afrojack

The Dutch Public Prosecutor’s office a criminal investigation was started into alleged tax evasion by the world-famous Dutch dj Afrojack. This is evidenced, according to The Telegraph from documents in the hands of the newspaper.

The case against multimillionaire Afrojack, in daily life, Nick van de Wall called, hangs together with the earlier arrest of his tax adviser, Frank B., last march.

Frank B., who is also suspected of tax evasion, is known as ‘the tax specialist of the stars’. Especially stars with international careers, among them a lot of dj’s and models were B. advice on a paper to a tax haven to relocate. So moved Afrojack a part of its companies to belastingvriendelijk Cyprus and other companies to the “tax-luwe’ Guernsey, writes The Telegraph.

In connection with the investigation of the thirty years ‘ Afrojack did the Dutch fiscal investigation FIOD at the end of may, a raid and a search for his former manager, Hugo Langras in Amersfoort.

Had Afrojack already know that he has nothing to hide from the FIOD. The Public Prosecutor’s office and investigation FIOD refrain from commenting on the investigation and the search for the former manager.

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