European ’erfgoedbende’ rolled up

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THE HAGUE – Police in several EU countries have for tens of millions of euros to the cultural heritage taken. That happened during a large international operation against a gang which deals with the excavating and handling of historic objects, reports Europol.

The investigation into the gang began 4 years ago. Local criminals would cultural heritage have been excavated in Sicily, where the ruins are from the Greek and Roman antiquity. The gang sold the loot, then through German auction houses. Minions in Barcelona and London carried out support tasks.

Forty million

More than 250 agents did in the early morning, simultaneous raids in forty homes in Italy, Germany, Great Britain and Spain. The authorities arrested a total of 23 suspects. Also, during the research more than 25,000 items seized, says Europol. The total value would be at least 40 million euros.

The Italian police had already thousands of historical objects and reconstructed cultural heritage seized. Also confiscated by the Italian authorities by the criminals used tools, such as metal detectors.

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