Doubt about Kim’s intentions casts a shadow over Pompeo’s visit

Mike Pompeo, Trumps minister of Foreign Affairs, leaves tomorrow for the third time to North Korea, with Kim and his team to talk about nuclear disarmament. But the American intelligence services set themselves serious questions for Kim’s intentions.

On June 12, found in Singapore’s historic summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Us president, Donald Trump. Both leaders agreed to strive for …

On June 12, found in Singapore’s historic summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Us president, Donald Trump. Both leaders agreed to pursue nuclear disarmament of the Korean peninsula and, further, concrete steps to leave it to their teams.

Leaving tomorrow Trumps foreign affairs minister Mike Pompeo for the third time to North Korea, for negotiations with Kim and his entourage. Sunday traveled American negotiators already down to Panmunjom, the village on the border of North and South, with the North Koreans to negotiate.

In the margin of the historic summit in June, said Trump that North Korea has ‘no nuclear threat’. But members of the U.s. military intelligence trusted the news channel CNN that Kim, according to their estimation, no intent has to be kernarsenaal fully to disarm, certainly not at this time.

Signs of good and ill will

Also, The Washington Post reported this week about the doubt that exists within the American security services about Kim’s good intentions. On the top between Trump and Kim followed, however, quickly gestures of good will, on both sides. Trump said the joint military exercises of the U.S. and South Korea, that North Korea is as strong as a threat to the touch. And Pyongyang left in turn three American captives free and closed its main nuclear test site.

But according to many experts took Pyongyang still does not make any fundamental initiative that would indicate his intention to his kernarsenaal actually start to build. Stronger, according to sources within the American security services are still there after the summit in Singapore evidence surfaced that North Korea the U.S. is trying to mislead about the number of nuclear warheads at its disposal. At the same time, would Kim try a number of factories to keep secret.

Satellite photos

Also academics to doubt North Korea’s good intentions. From recent satellite photos show that Kim’s regime is still continue to work on its nuclear activity, say two researchers from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. In the pictures they looked, they saw evidence that North Korea is working on the expansion of a factory parts manufactures of missiles to which nuclear warheads can be placed. “Kim wants its stock of nuclear missiles rather continue to expand”, the researchers were Jeffrey Lewis and Dave Schmerler Monday, in a joint communiqué.

The information about the satellite photos and the concern of the private security services shed is definitely a shadow over Pompeo’s visit to North Korea. At the same time, the importance of that new information cannot be overestimated, points out, Hong Min, an analyst at the Institute for National Reunification in the South Korean capital Seoul. He points out in the American media that North Korea, and the USA is only an agreement in principle was concluded to strive for disarmament. Kim is, in other words, not yet bound to concrete steps towards the reduction of its nuclear arsenal.

According to Trumps national security adviser John Bolton pulls Mike Pompeo to the North Korean delegation to an American plan for the step-by-step reduction of Kim’s nuclear and missile. The roadmap is, according to Bolton about a year absence. But according to Pompeo himself, that in this matter the real voice of Trump, it can still take quite a bit longer, and envisioning America in a significant reduction of nuclear material by the end of Trumps first term as president. That expires in 2021.

Basketball teams North and South will play first friendly match with some mates since 15 year parameter, the basketball teams of North and South Korea have Wednesday, two collaborative teams have been formed, for the first time since 15 years a friendly match with some mates against each other to play. The match between the teams of ‘Peace’ and ‘Progress’ of the women was a thriller, and was won by ‘Progress’. Later in the day, would the men have against each other opnemen.De North Korean leader Kim – a fan of basketball that the American former NBA champion Dennis Rodman is often invited – was itself not in the tribune, but his under-minister for Sport was there. “I’m proud to sport the North and the South on the path towards reconciliation, peace and progress,” said Won Kil-u, referring to the thaw between the two countries during the Olympic winter games is used. (reuters)

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