Contactverbod for stalker Paris Jackson

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A judge in Los Angeles has a man who Paris Jackson stalkte a contactverbod imposed. The model had the court to order the prohibition.

According to TMZ was Nicholas Lewis Stevens the 20-year-old to wait at a music studio in June. He told her that he already had on her stand waiting, a time of which 15 hours long. When a friend of Paris in the conversation followed and the man asked what he exactly did, he replied: “What do you think I do here? I stalk that ’bitch’.”

The man would also have said: “At midnight it is all over. It ends with a shotgun or with her.” The company called the police, who the stalker is arrested. At the end of the month, the case against the man, until that time he is allowed no contact with Paris, and he must be about 100 metres from her stay deleted.

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