Chilean officers the cell to murder the singer in 1973

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SANTIAGO – Almost 45 years after the death of the well-known Chilean singer Victor Jara, are still nine suspects convicted. Eight ex-servicemen were given prison sentences of fifteen years for the murder of the artist and another victim. A ninth person disappears five years behind bars.

The popular singer and songwriter Jara 1973 was killed. That happened shortly after general Augusto Pinochet had the power seized in Chile. Jara sympathized with the government of deposed socialist president Salvador Allende. He was with other detainees held in a football stadium that is now named for him.

Joan Turner, the wife of Victor Jara, who fought for years for justice.


Witnesses stated later that Jara before his death, he is tortured. His bullet-ridden body was a few days after his disappearance found, and in 2009 dug up for an opening. During the reign of Pinochet are an estimated 3200 people were killed.

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