Chilean kompel gives Thai team advice: ‘No shame to be afraid’

8f22403244ae49dd5bcb113683282f9c - Chilean kompel gives Thai team advice: ‘No shame to be afraid’

The Thai football players who are already 12 days stuck in a cave, you must especially try to focus on their liberation. That is the council of Omar Reygadas, who in 2010, together with 32 other my workers 69 days was stuck in a Chilean mine.

“It is terrible for them, they are still so young, but I believe that guys with a lot of force this will be able to handle as they might get.’ These are the encouraging words of the Chilean miner Omar Reygadas for the 12 Thai football players and their coach, who since last Saturday are stuck in the flooded cave of Tham Luang Nang Non.

Reygadas knows what he has. In 2010 he, along with 32 colleagues for 69 days in a mine some 700 meters below the Atacama desert in Chile. He finds it difficult to give advice to the boys, but they should try to only think of their liberation and reunification with their families.”

“Our tears flowed also

Divers were able to the boys on Monday, but it will still take time – the estimates vary from days to months until they cave. As possible, they do have to (learn to) scuba diving. Until that time there is, according to Reygadas a key role for the 25-year-old coach of the boys, to their morals to uphold. Among the miners there was a lot of prayers, but also humor was important at times when the faith in their salvation is lost.

“They should not feel ashamed to be afraid’, the Chilean miner with the boys. “We were also afraid. Our tears flowed also. Even we, grown men, wept.’


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