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Bomb-proof – the Swiss company sells disaster-resistant Wallets

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In Switzerland, it is now possible, his precious crypto currencies and stored in a Bunker. The digital money must be protected not only from hackers, but also against natural disasters.

Coincheck, BitGrail, Bithumb: this year Alone, there have been three serious exchanges-Hacks. In this stole, the hackers, the exorbitant sum of approximately $ 717 million. No wonder, then, if investors look for safe ways to make your time more, keep time, less hard-earned Bitcoin, Ether, & co.. A Swiss company now offers the option of Coins, literally, to “bunkers”.

Swiss Crypto Vault – so the new Wallet provider, has emerged from a Joint Venture of Bitcoin Suisse and Swiss Gold Save is called. Bitcoin Suisse is a 2013-based financial services company specializing in crypto-currencies. Swiss Gold Save offers your customers the ability to store your Gold, securities and other valuables in high security bunkers. The name of the company Swiss Crypto Vault suggests that the services of the parent companies are merged with each other: crypto-currencies are in bunkers stored, the military Standards to match. The crypto can not defy the forces of money only the nature, theoretically, it would survive even a nuclear attack. Swiss Crypto Vault supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Cash, Bitcoin, Gold, Ether, and Litecoin, as well as all ERC20 – and ERC223 Token.

Regular Audits by PwC

Like the company on 27. June in a press release announced, the offer primarily to business customers, High-net-worth Individuals (HNWI) and institutional investors. State of the art encryption and multi-signature procedures are intended to ensure in addition to time-delayed transactions, the security on the Software level. For more (investment)security of regular Audits by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which is one of the “Big Four” of auditing companies.

Swiss Crypto Vault has its headquarters in the Swiss town of Zug – connoisseurs of the scene will hardly be a surprise. Will train currencies but due to its many initiatives in the field of Crypto and the Blockchain technology is also frequently referred to as a “Crypto Valley”. On Monday a pilot project in which the owner of a digital ID to a consultative vote, were able to participate ended in a train.

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