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Bitflyer has to wash all customer – suspicion of money

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The Portal Bitflyer A delay all the deposits and withdrawals to check its Japanese customers extensively. At the end of June Bitflyer has received the request by the securities and exchange Commission, to monitor its investors more and more intense. In the databases, the employees are looking for Laundry according to circumstantial evidence, for criminal activities including tax evasion and money. Also, we tested extensively whether the specified identity of the user is correct.

Bitflyer takes on since June, no new customers. On the Website you have to apologize for huge delays in the processing of Transfers, but concern only the local users. The staff is busy with the Verification of the identity of existing customers. The stock exchange Supervisory authority, the FSA, accuses the operator, you have the identity of the Japanese User intensive enough.

The Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) indicates that names and addresses were fictitious, as the true owners of the Wallets of the Japanese Mafia (Yakuza). Trade with virtual currencies will be viewed since time immemorial by all the authorities is critical. The law enforcers fear that, in some cases, the payment of illegal products and services in addition to money laundering and tax evasion is handled. The management of Bitflyer checked since the 22. June, under pressure from the FSA all incoming and outgoing Transfers, to possible irregularities to uncover. The Overload of the staff, in the last week of June apparently, no Transfers were carried out. Also, the platform is not currently accepting new customers.

Yakuza abused like crypto exchanges

According to information of the portal “The Mainichi” there was a case in which, since the year 2016 in various crypto stock exchanges outside of Japan 30 billion Yen were washed. The equivalent of more than 230 million euros, the members of the Yakuza to have in the Treasury is over drawn. The members of the organised crime should now be on Coins as Zcash, Dash and Monero avoided, because the investigators can investigate the Bitcoin-money flows to good. The money transfer takes place according to the portal more frequently in public places such as pubs or cafes via USB-Stick. The Criminals to transfer the money then in several foreign trading venues, in many small portions. At the end coins of the Russian “middle men” in the ruble or any other Fiat currency. The fragmentation in many small Transfers is less conspicuous than a big Transfer. The Criminals have set up extra offices, where multiple computers of experts on the illegal Transfers are carried out. The balance is passed via a Hardware Wallet as Bitcoin or Ethereum, so to convert it, a little later, in crypto-currencies, with a focus on data protection, in order to disguise the flow of money.

A spokesman for the FSA told the press that the G-20 countries to plan prevention measures and to perform. A Japanese alone would bring nothing. Also, a national ban on the trading of Monero & co. would be pointless, because the offender would then have to resort to the foreign trading venues. However, even the leading industrial Nations have agreed on a common Standard in the fight against mafia-like structures. Also, the current control of Bitflyer users can damage of the shadow economy is probably only a little.

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