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Bitcoin (BTC) exchange rate analysis CW27 – breakout from Downtrend

a3af58a9502e02160f160592ec36fda4 - Bitcoin (BTC) exchange rate analysis CW27 - breakout from Downtrend

After a Test of the long-time support of the Bitcoin has increased-course with two bold Pumps to 5,700 euros. A large part of the losses of the last two weeks has been undone. With this Pump the price of Bitcoin rose over the since the beginning of 2018 followed a downward trend.


  • The Bitcoin price has increased this week.
  • With Pumps on 29. June and on 2. July, Bitcoin was able to course through the two exponential moving averages EMA50 and EMA100, as well as the since the beginning of the year continued the downward trend to rise.
  • Overall, it comes to a neutral course evaluation. The most important Support stands at teur 5,509, € 57, the first interesting Resistance is 5.838,59 euros.

Since yesterday’s analysis of the market of the Bitcoin has developed in a course more positive. With a further Pump, the price could rise well above the exponential moving average EMA100. The rate climbed almost to the Plateau, which is the rate between the age of 18. 22. June has to go through. As before the Pump, the price is now moving sideways.

With the above-described Pumps could lift the course he has followed a downward trend:

The MACD on the four hour chart (second Panel from the top) is positive and increasing. The MACD line (blue) is above the Signal (orange).

The RSI is at 70 and is therefore bullish, and even slightly overbought.

Under consideration of price, Trend, indicators and volume of trading comes to a rather bullish sentiment. Totally bullish on the prospects in the case of a non-overbought RSI. In the short term is therefore to be expected that with a plateauing or slight consolidation, in the long term, the current bullish Sentiment could continue to be pursued.

Support and Resistance

The first Support stands at teur 5,509,57 Euro and thus approximately at the height of the EMA100. Another Support lies at 5.272,81 Euro, and by the Plateau between the 21. and 28. June defined.

The first Resistance is 5.838,59 Euro and thus on the height of the plateau between the age of 18. 22. June. The Bitcoin should overcome the course of this Level would see further Resistance at the height of the plateau from the end of June,6.190, 01 Euro.

Entry points, Stop Losses and Targets

The more bullish assessment of motivated to a Long Position – you can it Yes. Cautious can take advantage of the first Resistance at 5.383,59 euros as a starting point, Risk-tolerant, get in. As a Stop Loss the first Support in teur 5,509 to € 57 and, as the first Target, you can aim for the 6.190,01 Euro. A second Target would be around 6,500 Euro, that is to say, at the height of the plateau, which is the price of Bitcoin started in the beginning of June.

The course should fall under the first Support, a Short Position with the Stop Loss at the height of this first Support, the entry point at the height of the EMA50 at 5,444 compared,25 Euro, and the first Target at the height of the second Support 5.272,81 Euro.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

Images on the Basis of data from at 10:25 PM on 03. July created. For a deeper understanding of the concepts of rate analysis, please refer to this Link.

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