Angry fans at the Paradiso: ’Where is Angie Stone?’

e95d9829e877c940d3c2ddbc602bc34c - Angry fans at the Paradiso: ’Where is Angie Stone?’

Angie Stone would be Wednesday night gig in Paradiso, but fans waited more than an hour on its arrival. On Twitter they responded with considerable annoyance.

Angie Stone, here, however, on the stage

“You know, that one concert where Angie Stone is not there. Well there we are,” writes someone at a photo of an empty stage. More than an hour, they are already there, let visitors know, without to be informed. “Very unfortunate that the Paradiso is not just to let you know where we are now actually waiting for” and “Pfff Paradiso, can’t you guys more info about the ETA of Angie Stone? Bit of a pity.”

But if they are there then once it is, turns out its action against attack. ’Lackluster’ and ’disappointing’ as qualifications. “Angie Stone too stoned to act in Amsterdam. What a shame.”

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