Andre Hazes cancels doktersbevel all activities

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Striking message on the Instagram of André Hazes. The singer has immediately all activities that have to do with his career cancelled for the next month. On doktersbevel sounds. The symptoms that Hazes on Instragram describes might well be to do with a burn-out, but there may be something else wrong.

“Yesterday I went to the doctor gone because of an incredible pain in my head. I explained how my past years have looked like and how I myself therefore have treated. I have the past few years my fingers to the bone worked, because I wanted to show that I am more than the son of”, insert the Cockpit from the shore. Andre has indeed always have to face the fact that he is the son of and that in itself is not a problem, but Andre wants to be more than that. “I wanted to prove myself to everyone in the Netherlands. I have physical complaints are ignored and have nights cancelled because I thought that that was the way to keep going”, it sounds.
“Always in my mind that once someone said to me that me that my father had accomplished, never will succeed… Maybe not well, but I can only hope that you have seen that I can. Itself”, is the Cockpit further.

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