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According to Kompany’s Red Devils ready for the match against Brazil: “A rendezvous with history”

524c1f79c2cf6c7b887bb265a31fba77 - According to Kompany's Red Devils ready for the match against Brazil: “A rendezvous with history”

Friday the Red Devils an appointment with history. The Red Devils will play against Brazil in Kazan. Qualification for the semi-finals would be a legendary performance. “Brazil is on the individual level, the strongest team that I have on this world cup has already seen”, says Vincent Kompany. “But we are not afraid.”


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The Red Devils huddled against Japan through the eye of the needle. Because they are not on the second place in the group targeted, they must now against Brazil in the quarterfinals while England’s record against Sweden. “We knew that first place in the group a more difficult route chose”, says Vincent Kompany. “I had rather Brazil made the final, but leave the match on Friday, but our finals are.”

“Traditionally it’s in the Belgian nature to us all is lost to feel for the match. But the players, who just have to have the whole world to travel around, don’t think that way. We have the feeling that we can beat.”

Kompany knows the qualities of the Divine Canaries. “Brazil is on the individual level, the strongest team that I’ve seen. Their defenders are solid, they have very strong attackers. If the contest only of individual capabilities would depend, then we have no chance. But as a collective.”

“Brazil is the strongest team, but we are not afraid”

As has been often said during this tournament, it is now or never for this Belgian team. “For this generation, this is the most important rendezvous with history”, says Kompany. “Brazil is individually the strongest team and collective good. But the beauty of this generation of Belgians is that we are not afraid, that we have confidence. We are available every day at our clubs with them on the field. We look forward to it. This is a special match.”

Vincent Kompany already has an idea of what contest we Friday. “The counter should we use against Brazil. We’re not going to have 80 percent possession of the ball. But on the other hand, I know that Brazil will not panic if they don’t constantly have the ball. It is not up-and-down contest. It will be especially in the first half with both sides probing.”

“Golden generation? Who has that name invented?”

There was Kompany asked if it was now finally time to harvest for the Gold Generation. “Golden generation? Who has that name invented? I do not in any case. I understand the importance of that match to make it work for a generation. We have for years, about the golden generation of Portugal is spoken, but that did nothing. But what these guys have already won abroad, is already a punishment for Belgium. But well, we want to do for our country.”

Vincent Kompany has, just like Belgium still have an account open with Brazil. “The only thing that everyone in Belgium recalls of that match in 2002 is the rejected goal of Wilmots. I have no other memory of that time. That was our one moment of hope. What if that goal had counted? But now the Belgian football has evolved.”

“I get no signal that I should stop my body”

This world cup may also for many Belgian players a terminus. There are several in their thirties who are thinking about a farewell to the national team. Kompany also? “I’ve not thought about what happens after Friday is done. At this point I think I’m prepared for a competition in St. Petersburg (where the semi finals will be played, red.).”

“I am not so concerned with my injuries as other people. I understand that that question. But I just work every day. I get no signal that I should stop my body. Because then I had to stop on my eighteenth, or on my fourteenth even when I already had surgery. I want the end of my career. When your body no longer? If you can’t get out of your bed can go in the morning?”

“Here today, I am – despite all the injuries – makes my thoughts stronger. If you are in a valley flow and have to fight against everything around you, then you need to be mentally strong. Today, I’m here, but that is the result of months of work in a dark gym. See that the people are not.”

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