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50 percent of the Top crypto-currencies involves serious safety deficiencies

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Security researchers at Blue Protocol since February this year, countless crypto-currencies, specifically under the magnifying glass. According to their own statements, were carried out per Minute, more than a Million Tests are automated. The result is disastrous: More than half of the most popular Top 50 Coins will be according to the announcement, prone to Hacks. The technical Director is informed in the various marketplaces about the critical security vulnerabilities of the tokens. He got up today, simply no response. The company has an in-house Coin called the Blue emitted, and it is the own level of security as a “world-class“.

Edward Garrett, the CCO of Blue Protocol, has contacted the managing Director of Online trading platforms by LinkedIn and E-Mail, to inform you about the security vulnerabilities of the crypto-currencies. He wanted to warn you about known are the Details, in order to take appropriate counter-measures. He got, however, none of the contacted operators to answer, as Garrett announced via Twitter. The detected gaps are often referred to as serious. They allow cyber-criminals to make use of the credit of a third party.

The Blue Protocol: in-house advertising?

In the run-up to the company had carried out since February countless Tests in order to examine the existing crypto-currencies on the heart and kidneys. Which of the tested Coins are problematic, and where exactly is the loss of balance can threaten, has not been disclosed. Today night, the company tweeted that it had decided to delay the publication of the Wallets of the affected crypto-currencies. Of course, the promulgation of the vulnerable Coins is a good PR Stunt and a lot of free advertising in their own right.

In the meantime, the company has various curious Twitter users and contacted, the have asked for a timely publication of the list of Coins with security vulnerabilities. Others wanted the information private, in advance, to allow for the relevant Coins before the market crash, sell. However, the Blue Protocol rejects both rigorously. You write, rather, one should stop you contacting them and trying only to bring the truth to light. Who should not like, will not be more encouraged to follow you easily on Twitter. If after the release the prices will tumble, should you condemn the Creator of the Coins and not the Bearer of bad news, says one of the more recent Tweets.

Time unfavourable

Be that as it may, The time is very unfavorable. Many Altcoins have lost in the last few weeks, up to half of their value, the consequences are incalculable. Now, when so many popular crypto-currencies are affected by the vulnerabilities, will this push the prices down considerably. But alone the fact that, in addition to the Online marketplaces, even so, many of the technical Ecosystems of the Coins might be vulnerable to hacker attacks, should the votes of many members of the Community think. Finally, it comes to money, and in some cases very much money.

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