Volunteers stay in Thai boys in a cave, even four months

BANGKOK – Two doctors of the Thai navy have offered to the boys in the cave to stay, even if it is by the heavy rainfall may take four months before the team of the cave can leave.

The boys are weak and severely emaciated. At this time, even getting up is a challenge because the muscle mass after nine days without food considerably reduced. Mentally it seems, however, well with the teens.

Experts are still in two minds about what exactly needs to be done. At this moment there seem to be three options are considered to be, reports a member of the rescue team at The Guardian. Diving would be preferred, because the boys then quickly the cave can leave and the expected heavy rainfall, not having to wait.


Because they can’t swim or dive – they have a training get – and physically not quite strong, can the trek through the dark cave are dangerous. The risk that the children panic or an accident is great.

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Another option is to speed water pumping away from the cave. It is, however, whether this will succeed. Heavy rainfall within two days expected. This would also mean that the boys up to four months in the cave shall remain until the rainy season is over. If the experts choose for option three, the football team, thanks to the doctors, so not only do they have enough to eat.

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The team went ten days ago the cave in order to put their name behind on the wall, a kind of local ritual. They left their backpacks and shoes in the rear and had no food with them. The young people survived, according to a doctor at their place to stay and water to drink and stalactites dripped.

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