Trump about North Korea: it’s going well

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WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump is very pleased with the contacts with North Korea. “We have a lot of good talks with North Korea. It’s going well”, tweeted the president in the run-up to the visit of his minister Mike Pompeo (Foreign Affairs) to the stalin-controlled country.

Trump showed not under the impression of his critics. He believes his country just to have saved for an armed conflict with the North Koreans. “Without me we would now go to war against North Korea”, he concluded. “We already have eight months of no rocket launches or nuclear tests had. The whole of Asia is excited. Only the opposition, including the nepnieuws, runs to complain.”

Historic summit

The president had on June 12 a historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, that “denuclearisation” undertaking. Pompeo will travel Thursday to North Korea for further talks about the nuclear-free of the Korean peninsula.

Not everyone is convinced of the good intentions of Pyongyang. The Washington Post reported Saturday that North Korea according to employees of intelligence agencies do not plan seems to be the full nuclear arsenal.

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