Thai governor: fittest football players first to the outside

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Chiang Rai – The evacuation of the boys from the cave is a race against the clock and so should the guys who can do it as soon as possible to the cave exit. That says a governor Passakorn Boonyarat of the province of Chiang Rai. He does not want to speculate about how long the boys as possible in the cave.

Heavy rain and within a few days expected.

Experts are still in two minds about the way in which the boys have to come. The teens could not swim and diving – what is necessary in the cave that is partially filled with water – you can’t learn just like that. The risk that the children panic or an accident is great.

If diving seems impossible, then there maybe a hole drilled in the cave, says the governor. The other option is that the football team months to wait until the rainy season is over and the water has dropped. Other options, such as the pumping of water from the cave, are still viewed.


The boys are very weak and greatly emaciated, but that’s the reasonable with them, has a diver let me know. They get food that easy to digest.

The huge rescue operation dominates already for days the news in Thailand. Also experts from the USA, Great Britain and Japan are helping. The heavy rain was hampering the operation. The past few days, the decline in the water level through the use of pumps.

The teenagers of 11-16 years old, and their trainer (25) disappeared on 23 June during a visit to the caves. They were, after nine days living found.

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Big question now is: how come Thai football players from cave?

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