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Stiff Sweden continue to surprise and qualify for quarter-finals, the Swiss disappoint

efa1208e5b369fcd0573b499a78ab0f8 - Stiff Sweden continue to surprise and qualify for quarter-finals, the Swiss disappoint

Sweden has set itself the penultimate placed in that country for the quarter-finals at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia. It defeated an incredibly weak Switzerland with 0-1. In the quarter-finals awaits England or Colombia, to 20 you the last 1/8th final finishing.

The least spectacular eighth-finals. As announced, the duel Switzerland and Sweden. For both teams it was a unique opportunity to qualify for the quarter finals, the Swiss would for the first time in 64 years. That opportunity has, nevertheless, resulted stress. Crippling stress for both teams. The fear to lose made for a very cautious first half. Switzerland caused pressure, but no chances. Sweden dropped the ball to the opponent, but was still the most dangerous team. Berg, however, could have been three big chances of not finishing.

Also in the beginning of the second half was Sweden’s most dangerous team. Toivonen and Forsberg were Sommer not outwit. Before that was a Swiss foot need. The shot of Forsberg was to be a simple pickup for the Swiss goalkeeper, but by a deviation of Akanji caprioleerde the leather in goal.

Switzerland, in the group stage the top favourites Brazil to a draw held, carried on the press and did the Sweden severe sweating. However, they showed themselves to be soulless to the Scandinavians to be able to threaten. Only in the lock fell away she past keeper Olsen, but there was Forsberg to the Swedish furniture save. In the extra time, it was the Swedish goalkeeper pal on a header from Drmic.

In the extra time gave Sweden the chance to the Swiss fate completely to seal, but Long took the broken Long down. Penalty kick whistled ref Skomina and red for the defender. But the error happened outside the sixteen and after an intervention of the VAR is changed the referee’s decision in a free kick. Therein kicked Forsberg staalhard on the fists of Sommer, but the battle was already settled. Eleven unrecognizable Swiss dying in the eighth-finals, the third time in the last four world cups. The Swedes continue to surprise. After they Germany out of the tournament kegelde, they are now in the quarter finals. Therein awaits the winner of the game between England and Colombia.

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