SPD sets conditions to agree CDU/CSU

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BERLIN – The German social democrats set the requirements for the consent with the agreement that the German christian democrats their own crisis over immigration policy have been averted. Among others, the party secretary of the SPD Lars Klingbeil and deputy chairman Malu Dreyer have Tuesday, vehemently outspoken against the closed ’doorreiscentra’ for asylum seekers at the border.

Lars Klingbeil

They said that “we are not closed doorreiscentra want to be with families who are behind guarded fences.” The SPD rules together with the christian democrats.

Agreement Merkel

The plan is a crucial part of the agreement of chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the leader of the Bavarian zusterpartij CSU, the minister of Home Affairs, Horst Seehofer. Seehofer has recently made strong with a ’master plan’ against migrants who have no chance at a residence permit. He wants the German government’s own measures at the border. Merkel, supported by her CDU and the SPD, wants to have a European approach.

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According to the agreement, would people at the border are detained who have no chance of asylum, such refugees who have been in another EU country are registered. In the three in Bavaria to build ’doorreiscentra’ assumes that the person is not yet in Germany, just as people ’in transit’ at airports. But such centres are, according to Dreyer not to realize with her party there. Klingbell calls the entire compromise from Merkel and Seehofer in the Rheinische Post (from Wednesday) “a piece of paper with some points that no one understands”.

’Combatant of problems with migrants’

Seehofer wants, especially in Bavaria, where in October elections, known as a combatant of problems with migrants. The CSU fears the majority in the deelstaatsparlement to lose by the rise of the populist AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) that bright during rough use against immigrants.

But Seehofer got it to stick with Merkel, who stood to her European approach to migration issues. It almost led to a rupture of the traditional union of CDU and CSU, and seemed But fourth government to bring down.

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