South side, and Of Erp to do themaprogramma NFF

Actress Olga south side, director Michiel van Erp, gameontwerper Adriaan de Jongh and podcastduo Yous & Yay make this year the themaprogramma of the Netherlands Film Festival together. That has festival director Silvia van der Heiden Tuesday also announced during the press presentation of the NFF.

Olga South Side

The themaprogramma Blikverruimers was in 2017 for the first time introduced. Four gastprogrammeurs may during the festival and their discoveries in the field of film, television, and interactive media to the audience. Also invite the four programmers themselves guests of the work in which they themselves are a fan of his.

The theme nights take place between Friday 28 september and Monday 1 October. The ticket sales is Tuesday, started. The Dutch Film Festival takes place this year from 26 september to 5 October. The opening film is the boekverfilming No one in the city by Michiel van Erp.

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