SEE: Frans Bauer unrecognizable, because BALD!

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Frans Bauer gets a new hairstyle, let him on Instagram know. There is, however, what is needed and between the companies by, he looks just as unrecognizable.

“First threw Kristel the trimmer about it!! Joehaaaa !!!”, writes a bald French on the social platform. And without her, it is a very different face.

The singer goes to the Hair Science Institute, a haartransplantatiekliniek, let him know, for a new head of hair. Large equal, there will be a fan. “If you have something to do that’s bothering you: I’m for.” Another is to say ’verbauereerd’.

The singer said earlier this year in an interview with Magriet that he is uncertain of his hair and dreaming of a forest of curls. “Acceptance is the key”, he said. He underwent two hair transplants.

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