Rescue services looking for 140 passengers after new ferry accident in Indonesia

After a ferry with 140 passengers has sunk in Indonesia, are already at least four people died. Last month came a further 200 people after another ferry sank.

In Indonesia a ferry sank near the coast of the Sulawesi island, after the boat, where vehicles were on, with water filled. Rescue services will do all the work to the 140 people on board to save the ship.

According to the local authorities are already at least four passengers were killed. How many people have been saved is unclear. On television pictures was to see how dozens of passengers are trying to cling to the sinking ship, or with a life jacket in the water.

There to sink or more passenger boats in Indonesia, where safety regulations are not always followed up properly, and ships are often overloaded. Last month, around 200 people after a ferry sank on the Toba lake in the southeast of Thailand.

The ship was after two weeks, found at a depth of 450 metres while there are still bodies in it. Due to technical and logistical problems was the storage room, however, abandoned.

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