‘Rescue operation starts when Thai football players are strong enough’

bb618b19d301b16640aa2d9e6acc696d - ‘Rescue operation starts when Thai football players are strong enough’

There is a rescue package with oxygen bottles and diving equipment brought to the Thai boys who are stuck in a cave. Report that the Navy Seals there, that will only start with a search and rescue mission if the team is sufficiently strengthened. Before, it was a message that the football players may persist for months in the cave.

There is tried to the twelve voetbalspelertjes and their coach, on Monday, located in the cave where they’ve been ten days are stuck to the outside to get it so the doctors they can investigate. That the Thai Navy Seals reported in an update. However this will only happen if the children and their coach, sufficiently strengthened. It may be that the guys in the rescue themselves swimming and diving.

The Seals are working together, the international rescue team to a rescue plan. There was already an underground headquarters equipped with diving equipment, oxygen bottles, medical equipment and food. That is, according to the Seals all the players and their coach sent off.

Earlier it was announced that rations for four months at the boys sent would be. The messages that the thirteen are also effective as long in the cave, called the governor rather ‘ridiculous’. “But I can’t say when they will be saved’. “Our priority is the health of the group. The water draws back gradually but we want to do it (the cave) first dry have to get them out.”

Coach sued?

The Thai police would, according to Sky News to the 25-year-old coach started an investigation. The man would be liable to prosecution because he the little boys the cave led. They were three miles deep have been found.

The twelve players of a local football team, between eleven and sixteen years old, and their coach went last Saturday, the cave of Tham Luang Nang Non, in the northern Chiang Rai. A heavy rainfall, such as during the monsoonal season take place regularly, did the water level as quickly rise that they no longer could.

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