Pompeo is traveling to North Korea for nuclear talks

The American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo will be Thursday to North Korea to travel to Kim Jong-un to meet. That says the spokeswoman of the White House, Sarah Sanders.

Pompeo is traveling first time to the Japanese capital Tokyo. There he meets the leaders of Japan and South Korea. The trio will discuss their common interest in North Korea’s complete and final to denucleariseren’.

American president Donald Trump met with Kim on June 12, during a summit in Singapore that historically was considered. Trump said afterwards that the nuclear threat is gone. But the fact is that at the meeting no nuclear disarmament is agreed upon. A document by Trump and Kim was signed, will remain as a statement of intent content far removed from what the United States in the past have agreed with North Korea and other countries.

Tv channel NBC reported last weekend that the intelligence services of the USA have doubts about whether North Korea has actually disarm. North Korea would then, however, the past few months a testing site for nuclear warheads dismantled, but the nuclear enrichment is in the secret, partly on secret locations. And the uranium enrichment needs of military targets, it sounds in the message. NBC relied on five sources familiar with the matter.

Sanders wanted the findings of the secret services Monday to confirm or deny this. According to her, progress is being made.

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