Oops: New York Times blundert with ’Danish’ prime minister Rutte

431a918ffb0123c8b8bef9c30bad62fd - Oops: New York Times blundert with ’Danish’ prime minister Rutte

New York – the American newspaper The New York Times, they had the all clear. From which country does that Mean again? The newspaper reports on the visit of prime minister Mark Rutte from ’Denmark’ to president Donald Trump.

In a photo caption, it seemed as if our prime minister of Danish origin. Shortly after, there seems to be confusion had arisen on the editorial staff of the newspaper, the caption quickly adjusted.

Still just a bit too late, because on Twitter, people are already on the height. “I know that we have no decisive country in the world, but that there is really no single article in the American media about Ruttes visit to the White House is really a reality check,” writes someone who has a bit more verve in the American media had expected. Well, “As The New York Times thinks that Mark Rutte is a Deen, we must, I believe, there is not a lot of expect, no…”, responds another.

“Mark Rutte, The New York Times met”, quipped someone at the photo with the caption before the correction. “Trump was right with his assertion that the New York Times fake news spreads.”

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