Nora Gharib in Maya movie

Nora Gharib in Maya movie

Studio 100 solves today the first names of the new film Maya 2, the Honingspelen. The voice of Maya is Free Souffriau and Thomas van Goethem creeps again into the skin of Willy. Nora Gharib, known from “Q3 search Q3” and “Patser”, the voice of Violet for her account.

The first Studio 100 animation around Maya the bee received the award Best Animated film 2014 at the gala of the Bavarian film awards. ‘Maya the bee – First flight’, threw world high eyes. The film attracted high numbers of visitors and was now already in more than 120 countries sold.

Nora Gharib: “I am greatly looking forward to the voice of Violet in to speak, a new figure! Violet is the leader of Tropolis, the rival of Maya in the Honingspelen. She looks very girlish and sweet, but nothing is less true…!

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