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“Nobody should Max Verstappen still say his driving style needs to adjust”

da83dce3fecd8969df2047f65e8cc1ad - "Nobody should Max Verstappen still say his driving style needs to adjust"

According to Jos Verstappen, is the flawless performance of son Max during the GP of Austria is the evidence that we have no criticism should have on the driving behaviour of his son.

The driving style of Max Verstappen this season is already more than once the subject of criticism, this after a series of incidents involving the young Dutchman was involved. Some dared to even question or he has to be lessons learned from it could attract.

After his latest incident in Monaco, when the criticism from his own team started to bubble, Verstappen is repacked. Witness his flawless races in Canada, France and Austria with, respectively, a third place, a second place and a victory as a result.

“People need that so-called aggressive driving style of Max is no longer in question,” said Jos Verstappen to Formula 1’. “Max knows what he is doing. He still needs some small things to refine, that he knows himself, but that comes with more experience.”

Red Bull-talentenjager Dr Helmut Marko is in total agreement with Verstappen Senior.

“Max, everyone has silenced that criticism had on his driving style,” said Marko in ‘Auto Bild’. “And that already at the age of twenty.”

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