No ‘Beautiful and Ruthless’ more for Belgium

d933b86d190e212ed1667288b8448ba8 - No ‘Beautiful and Ruthless’ more for Belgium

‘Beautiful and Ruthless’, the series about the fashion empire of a wealthy American family, involves in the USA still has millions of viewers. In Belgium, the ratings quite a bit less. Therefore, FOX the series.

‘Beautiful and Ruthless’, or ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’, but less than 31 years and has already won as many Emmy Awards. In Belgium, the storyline for three seasons behind the Us broadcasts. The looks also not that the Belgian viewers much of the family Forrester would like to see in the future. The ratings let you down.

Not a single station shows still interest in the series, according to Day All. The kick-off of ‘Beautiful and Ruthless’ was 28 years ago, given by TV1, later bought VTM the broadcasting rights. Later came the series in the hands of SBS, which is the first in FOUR and later on FIVE to be seen. That contract was in 2015 discontinued. FOX then did one last attempt, but three years later it also pulls FOX from the mains. The reactions on social media are walking on, let Day All know: ‘a cold shower’, ‘a disaster’ or ‘simply meedogenloos”, sounds at the audience.

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