New indictment against film producer Weinstein

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The filmbons can be a lifetime in jail.

The Public Prosecutor’s office in New York has new and heavier charges formulated against the 66-year-old film producer Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein contradicts the earlier allegations that he two women would have been raped or molested.

Now come the plaintiffs with a code, and even more serious form of rape or sexual assault of a third woman who represents one of the victims of him. If Weinstein to this indictment is found guilty, he would be in New York lifelong.

Weinstein has last month for the court in New York declared innocent of rape and “criminal sex”. The allegations of two women and go on incidents from 2004 and 2013, according to the American media. Weinstein gave himself up in may at the American justice system. That happened about seven months after the first publications with several women who give him various forms of sexual harassment accused.

Weinstein turned out to be the first of a series of prominent figures in the world of which women were accused of using their power for sexual pleasure. By the Weinstein affair was the #MeToo movement.

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