Mila Kunis has no plans for the future

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Like many in their thirties also seems to be Mila Kunis suffering from the quarter life crisis. The 34-year-old actress thinks that this is the high time to discover what her dream is and what they’re about five years hopes to achieve.

Mila Kunis

“I took it last really take the time to try to write down what my dream for about five years,” says Kunis to Bang Showbiz. “I realized quickly that I was not a big enough dream. The past few days, I’ve always thought about it. What is my big f*cking dream?! But I come not further than that, I just want to be happy.”

“I know that it is extremely sawed-off sounds, but I just want to never stop learning. I want to be challenged to stay and my partner continue to challenge. I think that’s always the basis of success lies.”

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