Matt Damon gets role in ‘The King of Oil’, John Krasinski is tipped as a director

c5d7bfa90a7d4a751433323aad58b4a9 - Matt Damon gets role in 'The King of Oil', John Krasinski is tipped as a director

Matt Damon has “most likely” had a role to tackle as the fugitive billionaire/stock trader Marc Rich – a man with a Belgian passport in the biographical thriller “The King of Oil”. Know that entertainmentblad Deadline. Some sources are talking about the appointment of John Krasinski, who is currently successful harvest with his horror film ‘A Quiet Place’, as a director.

The film is based on a biography of Daniel Ammann, “The King of Oil: The Secret Lives of Marc Rich’, that the life of one of the most controversial international businessmen ever describes. Rich was born in Antwerp and died at age 78 of a stroke in the Swiss Lucerne in 2013. He was an international trader in commodities.

Rich was a child of the Holocaust. He was the richest and most powerful oliemagnaat and commodity trader of the century, until in 1983 he 65 indictments on his leg received, including tax evasion and doing illicit olietransacties with Iran during the Iranian gijzelingscrisis. He fled the United States and remained thus, his life from the hands of the court.

Rich was especially known to the general public by the controversial presidential pardon in 2001 by the then American president Bill Clinton, on his last day in the White House, at a settlement of 100 million dollars.

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