Kurz warns of consequences German compromise

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The Austrian government warns that they are border controls at the border with Italy will enter as the German government, the agreement read that Merkel and Seehofer locks to their government to save them.

“We are a pro-European country.’ So, the 31-year-old Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz speech in the European Parliament, now Austria as a temporary EU president until the end …

“We are a pro-European country.’ So, the 31-year-old Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz speech in the European Parliament, now Austria as a temporary EU president until the end of this year, the meetings of the ministers chairs. Kurz, a coalition led by the extreme right-wing FPÖ, tried so the suspicion that that some groups lives. Austria wants to say that its historical role as a bridge builder between the East and the West record.

But even before his gig in Strasbourg, had the Austrian bridge builder, a shot across the bow of Italy and Germany, discharged. To the endless government crisis in Berlin”, said the ‘zusterpartijen’ CDU and CSU Monday night to on the border with Austria transitcentra to build. From there, migrants can be returned in a frontlijnstaat were recorded but then travel to Germany: that was a requirement of the German Interior minister Horst Seehofer – a good friend of Kurz. Merkel could push that consultations with Austria as in Italy there is no bilateral agreement with Berlin wants to quit.

“If this agreement, the position of the German government, it would commit to take action to prevent adverse consequences for Austria and its population to avoid’ left the Austrian government, in a communication to know. “The government is preparing therefore to take measures for the protection of our southern borders” – read: those with Italy. Kurz warned earlier that Austria, in turn, border controls will enter.

Udo Bullmann, the German social democratic party leader, wanted to know if chancellor Angela Merkel had contacted Vienna about the agreement with Seehofer closed, and whether the Austrian government agreed to went. Kurz is waiting for clarity within the German government, since it is not yet clear whether the German social-democrats with the compromise Merkel-Seehofer agree. “We will strive to achieve a Europe without internal frontiers’, said Kurz.

Crisis on the back of migrants

The motto of the Austrian presidency is not by chance ” A Europe that protects.” The fight against illegal migration is the top priority. “There is a paradigm shift is needed. We need the external borders of Europe to better protect it.’ A second priority is the promotion of stability and security in Africa and especially the Western Balkans, countries which, according to Kurz view should retain its accession to the EU. The protection does finally also to maintain its competitiveness and prosperity in Europe in times of digitization. Kurz said that he is a supporter of the introduction of the tax on the internetgiganten to European businesses to protect.

But on climate, or the floor of the eurozone, after the proposals of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and Merkel, he spoke not. Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the European liberals, warned Kurz that ” the presidency of the EU anything other than a chancellor,’ and that he difficult compromises will have to close.

“This so-called migratiecrisis is a political crisis over the backs of the immigrants”, said Verhofstadt, referring to the decline, with 95 percent of the number of migrants to the EU in the first half came in in comparison with October 2015. “It is 45,000 people, or 0.07 percent of migration worldwide. Where are we talking about? Not have an inflow, but an opportunistic decision of a minister of Domestic Affairs in Italy, Matteo Salvini, that this issue has created. Do you know what the problem is? That ‘not in my backyard’- the only one where EU leaders can agree about. That is the scandal!’


Together with many other Meps congratulated Anneleen van Bossuyt (N-VA) Kurz with his program: “You show that you understand what the priorities of the citizens.”

But Philippe Lamberts, leader of the Greens, pointed out that according to surveys indicate that migration is not the top priority of the citizens in Europe, but, respectively, terrorism, jobs and the fight against poverty and social exclusion. Only then follows migration. “You confuse safety with migration, as if every immigrant is a potential terrorist. You try to divert attention away from what your government wants: a working day of 12 hours to enter and social contributions limit in function of nationality, ” says Lamberts. Several Meps noted that the word ‘solidarity’ is much less frequent than ‘limits’ in the Austrian program.

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