Jeroen Meus treats on a Daily zomerkost in Spain

6860355b3db87c639e862353b7411f2d - Jeroen Meus treats on a Daily zomerkost in Spain

One chef Jeroen Meus trades Leuvense stoof for a mobile summer kitchen which he in the direction of the Spanish sun draws. He will have five weeks of cooking for the Flemish people on holiday, the Spanish neighbor, and himself, of course. ‘Daily cost’ is in a summer jacket.

For he and his have and keep in the direction of Spain leaves, keeps Meus still stop at the Flemish playground. There he will be cooking between and for a whole lot of children playing. The trip to Benidorm is continued. For the sunbathers, zwembadliggers and barhangers of Hotel Poseidon Playa offers he churroswafels, Spanish pintxos, bocadillo’s, and fresh lemonade.

The Costa Blanca is the direction of the mountains. In Andalusia he pulls with his mobile outdoor bar many observing eyes, but also a special guest! The last stop of Daily zomerkost will take place in Palafrugell in Catalonia. The sea and the local market has made him quite a bit to offer.

Last summer was the cook at the silver lake in Mol, the coast and the Ardennes.

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