Janine Abbring: ’Daily talk show, I can’t”

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Janine Abbring would not like a talk show want to present. The Summer guest-host suspects that the daily rhythm would not be able to.

Janine Abbring will find a weekly rhythm violently

“I have a deep respect for the Daisies, Matthijsen and Eva’s five days in the week to present,” says Janine at NRC. “What a sacrifice! I think six weeks, a weekly rhythm fierce. No, I don’t think that I would want and able.”

From the end of July, Janine six weeks of the Summer. In the media and on the internet, they will again under a magnifying glass, she realizes. “I read never what people write in those six weeks. Only I ask friends to make a summary,” says the presenter, who last year generally positive reactions.

“Nasty comments were mostly about my appearance. As a female presenter kwek or interrupt your soon – something they of a man would never say. Now I’m no rookie more am but a opgehemelde woman’, there will be probably a bit harder to get. Target his hurts, but it is part of it.”

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