Herman Brusselmans: “I name Derksen tattooing’

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Johan Derksen is convinced that Uruguay after Portugal also France off at the world cup. His vision elicits the unconventional writer Herman Brusselmans – guest in VI Orange stays at home, a remarkable promise.

Herman Brusselmans

They support thus the dissent of Derksen about the possible outcome of the match Uruguay – France, after René van der Jibe his tv colllega razed to the ground: “No, man, crazy! That switch France, never!”

When Johan at his position continued, ’Uruguay throws everything close to and then come with a counter – fell Brusselmans him with a bold statement. “Johan, if they France off, let me have your name tattooed on my… arm.” It was the Flemish writer a loud applause.

Meanwhile laughed his much younger girlfriend Lena in the stands, but what of it; it must be not a good idea that she prefers to use the name of the mustachioed voetbalanalist above the hare. “No, she is still nowhere”, well-known Brusselmans request to presenter Wilfred Genee.

Or They actually the tattoo must be let, will Friday prove. At 16.00 hours in the afternoon is the match Uruguay – France played.

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