Guy Pearce: ’Kevin Spacey was very handtastelijk’

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Since in October it came out that Kevin Spacey sex tried to have with the then 14-year-old Anthony Rapp, for many men know similar annoying experiences to have with the actor. Also, Guy Pearce tells now about his experience with Spacey…

Guy Pearce

“He was really a handtastelijk person,” explains Guy Pearce in an interview with 7 News. Pearce worked in 1997, together with Spacey for the film L. A. Confidential. He indicates that he quickly had that the actor is not purely on the league.

“It’s hard to at this point about Spacey. He is a great actor, but it was not easy. He was very handtastelijk. Luckily, I was at that time already 29 and not 14…”

The duo keeps the conversation be light and airy. When he is asked about his opinion on Kylie Minogue joked Pearce that they then ’not handtastelijk enough’.

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