Gerard Joling receive vredespijp

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The argument between Gerard Joling and Lars Boele is officially settled. Gerard Joling came along in the studio during The Ochtendshow with Lars on 100%NL. There was champagne ready and Gerard got up with an official moment of the ” Golden Vredespijp 2018 presented.

Gerard Joling and Lars Boele

“We turned your new single not there, you were a bit disappointed about, so I have a surprise for you… It is the first and the last one to be awarded: the Golden Vredespijp 2018!”, says Lars.

Gerard was pleasantly surprised. “This is great Lars, I found this original! He is actually even better than that 100% NL award. Now I must say that the word pipe me already like.”

At the beginning of June took Gerard Joling in De Telegraaf quite to 100% NL because they systematically reject his new singles run. The station responded shortly thereafter on the singer by his new record very hot for an hour to run.

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