FC Dordrecht choose real grass

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DORDRECHT – FC Dordrecht is back on natural grass play.

The current artificial turf in the stadium at the Krommedijk no longer meets the requirements for professional football. The leadership of the club from the first division has therefore decided to after five years to go back to ‘real’ grass.

It is intended that the new field, a hybrid mat, wherein artificial grass real grass to strengthen before the start of the new season in the stadium. Dordrecht will play the first home game on August 17 against Helmond Sport. ,,We will have our current terreinknecht a little retraining and he gets some extra assistance,” says commercial director Rik Maaskant.

Dordrecht is already ahead of the ‘exile’ of grass from the premier league as per the start of the season 2020-2021. ,,What, are we all ready for that,” says Maaskant with a wink. The team trainer Gérard de Nooijer reached last season’s play-offs for promotion/relegation, but it was in the semi-finals eliminated by Sparta Rotterdam. Dordrecht, the stadium slowly started to grow. The Zuid-Hollandse club hopes that in two years the half of the stadium, including the businessruimtes, has been completely renewed.

The current artificial grass may be transferred to one of the training fields. Dordrecht is responsible, in consultation with the municipality. Almere City FC decided this year as the first betaaldvoetbalclub the artificial turf again to exchange it for ‘real’ grass.

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