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De Bruyne remarkably self-confident: ‘Still three games to go’

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Also when the Red Devils themselves fell afterwards reactions to the trip. According to captain Eden Hazard thought the Red Devils with the backlog back to their lost european CHAMPIONSHIP match against Wales two years ago. Kevin De Bruyne sounded very confident. ‘And now Brazil? Win, hey!’

Chadli: ‘the Best half hour of my life’

Nacer Chadli, the hero of the country tonight. The 28-year-old winger fell in for Carrasco with another 25 minutes on the clock and made in the slotseconden the winning goal. ‘Really, this was the best half hour of my life, ” said Chadli after. “Japan is a good team, but, it has adapted well to our system. But when I fancied, I never gewanhoopt. With still 30 minutes to play, everything was possible. We have our mindset changed and his fysieker play, with Marouane and myself. That I at the end of the country very happy could make, I’m quite proud of it. To which I thought to my goal? To my family. And to the injuries that I’ve had, and thankfully a thing of the past now. I know that there are people to me doubt have, and everyone can have an opinion. But I now shown that I value. Hopefully this comeback is a turning point for the team.’

Kevin De Bruyne: ‘Another three matches’

IJskoel he stood to talk to the press after affluiten, Kevin De Bruyne. “We still have three matches to go”, sounds De Bruyne remarkably self-confident. “What a match? That’s football eh. When the 0-2 fell, I knew that we still have 40 minutes had and then you should stay quiet. That is not always easy, but we succeeded. I know our qualities. We have plenty of opportunity created, even after the 0-1. For the start of the tournament we knew that there were difficult moments would come.’

“Against Brazil, we play to win. It might be Brazil, but we are Belgium. We believe in our chances. We’re not going to be so easily won. I came here to win the tournament. We know that Brazil is a good team, but I have faith in our own qualities.’

“Or we drowned in the society? I and Axel Witsel were only two of us, but we have our job done and a lot of balls recovered. What is the contribution of Fellaini and Chadli has changed? They have their job done and they have scored. We are here to help each other and that they have done. We have made use of their qualities. The 3-2 was the perfect counter.’

Eden Hazard: “We thought of Wales’

“We thought two years ago, as against Wales,” said captain Eden Hazard afterwards. “We knew that we could score. We brought Fellaini and Chadli in and they made the difference. We are happy that we are moving forward. The first 20, 25 minutes were good. Which goals have wronged us. So We picked up two avoidable goals after defensive mistakes. But this match, we need them. We are pleased that our quarter-final play. Against Brazil it must be very amusing.”

Thomas Meunier: “I didn’t want to return to Belgium’

“It is the last few seconds, there was nothing more to lose, so I thought: full gas,” said Meunier. ‘Kevin took the time to get the pass perfectly. I give the pass, but I had Nacer’t actually seen. Amazing how Romelu ball late Nacer, and that defender with his body position. The relief was enormous. At 0-2 I thought really: I’m not going back to Belgium. There can be no question. I do not want to lose, that is not an option. Japan put us all the way. I was constantly covered, I came barely. It was so complicated to find solutions. In the second half, we knew that we shape needed. Chadli, Fellaini, Vertonghen, Kompany: that are ten inches larger than the entire Japanese defence. We had a bit on his English play. Or this us a boost? The emotions are huge but I win still rather just with 1-0 or 2-0. Then you don’t have your powers, what save. Now this was not possible.’

“After the first half I had never thought that the match would have expired. We dominated, had chances and gave really nothing away. In the dressing room we said: “We are going to pushing yourself and you’ll be fine. Once we have that goal, is the hardest past. And then they score suddenly two goals from two chances. They worked to 100%. “What happens here? I thought. That should not happen. And then I have to coach on his two bills. Marouane and Nacer have had an impact with their character, personality and conviction. They really do have the passion in the team for the tide to return. Today We have a lot of mentality.”

“Japan has me puzzled because despite their 0-2-ahead to for continued to pull and in that way space weggaven. And we have made use of it with our balls and our length. If we have something more efficient had been, had the score even higher increase.’

Or Brazil the match of my life? I hope to still have a career of ten years, so I don’t know. It is the match of the year for me. This match can be a turning point mean in our tournament. It is the very first time in my career that we have with the Red Devils in a match so have to be able to turn. And that should make us aware of the fact that we have the qualities to have such matches to play.”

Kompany: “I’m happy that the substitutes made the difference’

“We have very well reacted after the second goal,’ says the returning Vincent Kompany. ‘Even though after the first goal with a shot from Hazard on the pole. Today, We’ve shown that we are mentally strong. That is also important. I should also say that Japan really was good today. They have worked so hard. That was a tactical mastery of them. We were however prepared that they are very, very, very hard would work. Fortunately, we quietly remained.’

‘I am delighted that the players from the bench come – Chadli and Fellaini – the difference they have made. That is important with regard to the next game. Because we know that we are not just eleven players, but a good large core.’

Courtois: ‘Here we can learn from them’

Thibaut Courtois played as the goalkeeper has an important role in the winninggoal of the Red Devils. First, he picked up handsome a vrijschop of Honda, then picked he the subsequent corner out of the air, and he launched the counter-attack. ‘That is one of my qualities, ” says Courtois. ‘Not many keepers can make those ball clamps and in such a way to give. Kevin has no second should entail. At Chelsea, I train often on such a omschakelingsmomenten. I already knew that I would soon resume just before the pass I grabbed. That was also the problem when I that one ball did in the first half. I wanted to get to the counter, but it was a little too fast and solved the ball. Fortunately, without very.’

And now Brazil. “Yes, I do think that we against them, our way of playing might have to adjust. That we the back have folds and on the counter to play. But well, it is up to the trainer to the way of playing to figure out. I have confidence in. Also after this match, I keep saying that we are not afraid of Brazil.’

“When the 0-2 was the faith, perhaps some way”, said Courtois immediately after the game. “The time seemed to go faster than normal. But we are then again going to believe, and ultimately win, we still, I think that’s clever. We were physically stronger than Japan. In the first half we had everything under control, in the second half, Japan has optimally benefited from our errors. A world cup is such a mistake is immediately punished. But we are still back to 2-2. This was a difficult match, but we can here a lot of learning, ” concluded the national goalkeeper. ‘Brazil? This is football, so anything is possible. We are going to definitely a lot to analyze. When Germany became world champion four years back, they also have a difficult match known. I’m not saying that we champion are going to be, but from this contest we will certainly learn a lot.’

Axel Witsel: ‘Kevin and I like to play in this system’

Kevin De Bruyne and Axel Witsel were consistently against a superior force. ‘Because the Japanese with their outside players to came in.’ Should Martinez are gaming system not take? “I think that’s not,” says Portugal. “Kevin and I like to play in this system. I walk with pleasure, all the gauges so that they are in the front of the make a difference. Now suddenly the tactics change that we all so long to use because we are against Brazil to play, I would not do that. You just need your identity to keep and continue to play. This match had in the past, we are lost.”

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