Dave Roelvink herondekte Ibiza with grandma

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For Dave Roelvink was a world open when he Ibiza visited with his grandmother to Him. The party animal learned the Spanish island in a very different way know.

“We have Ibiza re-discovered. I knew the foremost of the party, but now we have it in granny-style discovered,” said Dave against RTL, which for the Videoland program Dave and Him in Ibiza a number of “typical Spanish things” did. Also the 89-year-old That really loved and enjoyed. “I found the painting with Patty great. Everything was great and funny.”

Also from the paragliding enjoyed Dave’s elderly grandmother. “I would make it again tomorrow!” “I was more afraid than she was”, confessed Dave.

According to That, Dave “nicely” worn with all the feminine beauty around him. “I have a girlfriend”, said Dave. “And everyone has their boevenstreken”, found That. “I also.”

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