Cruyff Court will be renamed to old ’Mister Ajax’

c0d4e2b4e469d72faa29c1796d800f1e - Cruyff Court will be renamed to old ’Mister Ajax’

AMSTERDAM – Sjaak Swart is today 80 years old, and that has Mister Ajax conscience.

Sjaak Swart (below) and his good friend Johan Cruyff in 2013.

The Cruyff Foundation was in honor of his birthday, a beautiful surprise in store. One of the Cruyff Court at the Sumatraplantsoen in the East of Amsterdam is renamed to Journal.

’Sjaak is always a good friend of Johan Cruyff’, as you can read on the website of the Cruyff Foundation.

’Both of them played in the 70’s for Ajax in what they themselves call ‘their golden age’. Sjaak is an ambassador of the first hour, and put themselves heart and soul to our mission of the Cruyff Foundation, the advance of youth movement, to wear.’

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